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5 Window Coverings For Your Basement Windows

Windows in basements are often small and wider than they are high, which can make the space feel unappealing. Window coverings are a great way to boost the appearance of the windows as well as help keep the basement warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Check out these five covering ideas for basement egress windows.

Blinds on Basement Windows

Maintain a more comfortable temperature and increase your privacy with blinds. Light colours are best for basement egress windows.

Curtains over Basement Egress Windows

Curtains add warmth to a basement, particularly if you choose a heavy fabric. Small curtains may seem like the obvious choice to cover small windows, but consider using longer curtains to make the windows look larger. Choose a light colour, and avoid heavy patterns which can be overwhelming on basement windows.

Window Film during Calgary Basement Window Installation

If privacy is a top concern, ask about window film during your Calgary basement window installation. Adding film to the window makes the space much more private, but it also reduces the amount of light that comes in.

Valances on Egress Windows

Swags or valances increase the appeal of curtains; they are purely decorative and cover the top of the curtains. If you want to add height to a short window, consider using a valance.

Mirrors from a Calgary Window Company

Mirrors aren’t actually a window covering, but they are a great complement to basement windows. They help make rooms look bigger and more welcoming. When positioned strategically, they bounce light around the room to make it brighter. Mirrors can also make windows look larger when placed above or below them.

Egress windows add light to a basement and help improve air flow. Give them a boost with the right window coverings to make the most of the work completed by a Calgary window company.

Let the light in with Calgary Egress Windows. If you want to brighten your basement, improve the safety of your home and increase property value, talk to Calgary Egress Windows about basement window installation or the addition of egress windows. Call today! 403-975-8585

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