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How to Prepare Your Egress Windows For Winter

Winter is coming, and that means harsh weather in Calgary. Don’t let the cold catch you by surprise; take time now to make sure you’re ready when the temperature drops. A good place to start is by preparing your egress windows for winter. Keeping the basement warmer by protecting its windows helps your entire home retain heat.

Insulate Egress Windows Calgary

Even well-maintained basement windows Calgary can increase utility costs. Glass is a good conductor of heat, so heat from the basement slowly seeps out of the house through the window. Adding some window insulation to create a barrier helps stop this leaking and keeps your home warmer.

Curtains and shades make good barriers; they are easy to install, require little care, and can match existing décor. Storm windows or framed inserts are a step up when it comes to types of insulation, but also require more work to install. They can be taken in and out of egress windows Calgary as needed. You can make a simple insert by building a wooden frame and attaching a sheet of plastic, or you can have a Calgary window company create a custom covering that exactly fits the dimensions of your windows.

Caulk Basement Windows Calgary

Make sure cracks around egress windows aren’t allowing cold air into your home. Check the exterior for cracks and caulk around the windows.

Protect Window Wells with a Calgary Window Company

Set up an additional layer of protection between your Calgary egress windows and harsh winter weather by protecting the window wells. Cover them with a plastic shield to help keep out rain, snow, cold air, and debris.

Basement windows Calgary are a great way to add light and fresh air to your basement, but can also let in the cold during the winter. Prepare for the cold months now to help your basement stay warm.

Let the light in with Calgary Egress Windows. If you want to brighten your basement, improve the safety of your home and increase property value, talk to Calgary Egress Windows about basement window installation or the addition of egress windows. Call today! 403-975-8585

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