Quick Facts on Egress Windows

Why do they call it an egress window?


noun: egress

the action of going out of or leaving a place.

“direct means of access and egress for passengers”


departure, exit, withdrawal, retreat, exodus;

“a means of egress”

  • In Alberta, 3.77sq/ft. is the minimum requirement for clear space (or 0.35 m2 or 543 sq. /inches) This refers to the opening size, not the entire window size
  • No window opening dimension (width or height) can be less than 15″
  • Window wells if needed must be no less than a 30″ or 760 mm protrusion out from the foundation wall
  • Window wells must be a minimum of 2″ above finished grade, but no more than 6″
  • Egress sizes do NOT apply if you have a sprinkler system in the basement room
  • If your preferred basement window location ends up being underneath a cantilever, the cantilever cannot be more than 25.5 inches or 650mm
  • You cannot install egress compliant windows underneath decks unless there is 2.1 meters of head clearance
  • To comply with a city permit, you cannot cut out more than 25% of the total wall length. You also need to have at least 1.2 meters clearance on one side of the home for the fire department. You have to be 36″ away from any exhaust vent. You need 6″ of drainage rock in the well. You need 6″ of clear space from the bottom of the window to the drainage rock and you need to core down to the footing and install a drainage pipe.
  • Sliding windows are most common. Casement windows can work so long as the sizing requirements are met. Awning windows with bottom hardware do NOT comply.

Enlarged basement windows greatly increase the property value of your home and help to reduce monthly utility bills.

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