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Basement Egress Window Installation: Our Process

Please take the time to read this as it is intended to share not only our process but also answer some of your questions as we want to ensure you have the information to make an informed decision, and a happy experience working with us.

The City of Calgary requires a building permit is pulled when you install an egress window. We recommend you take the time to apply for a permit, or we can pull the permit on your behalf.

What can you expect from Calgary Egress Windows

In-Home Consultation

We start with an in-home consultation where we will explain the entire installation process and talk about costs. In the comfort of your own kitchen, we will answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision. Keep in mind, there are no bad questions.

We will leave you with a quote, or with your approval we will prepare a contract for you to sign.

Schedule and Measure

If you agree to the work we will schedule a time that works for you and schedule the window installation. We will start taking measurements to map precisely how we will install your basement window. This involves taking basement foundation measurements and ground elevation measurements.

Between our initial home visit and the scheduled install date, we will contact Alberta one Call on your behalf. They will come out to locate underground lines, (you do not need to be home to meet them) they will mark the grass, which will identify to us to take extra caution when digging.


The morning of the scheduled install, our installer will show up wearing a company logo shirt or jacket.
We will prepare your basement for the concrete cutting by laying down plastic sheets/barriers, below the area where the window will be installed to ensure we keep the interior of your home as clean as possible.

No, we do not cut inside your home. We just don’t want to make a mess inside.

Once back outside, we will hand dig the proper sized hole for your window well. Hand digging allows us to ensure there is no damage from heavy equipment. We will mark where the concrete is to be removed and begin to cut the concrete foundation. After the concrete has been removed, we will focus on closing up the hole by lining the opening with a pressure treated wood buck/frame, which is both sealed against water and bolted to the foundation. The size of the window is typically 44″ x 33″ (minimum egress size for most manufactures). Our standard installation includes an energy star window with a dual pane glass. We also offer an optional upgraded to a triple pane window. Once the frame is secured and sealed, we tack and loosely install the window prior to leveling. Once level, we permanently secure the window to the frame securing the window in place.

We add insulation around the new window using expanding foam insulation. On basements that have finished drywall we offer an upgrade/optional custom-built window jamb using a white melamine material. To finish off the inside, we install white primed interior trim or casing. We do not paint the trim.

Once we clean up inside, we move back outside to complete the window.

To finish off the window outside we will apply a cement parging material similar to the finish on most foundation walls or we offer an optional upgrade to a Smart board, Hardie board or Vinyl trim casing. With all four options we also install a drip cap above the window.

The final step is to install and secure the galvanized corrugated window well to the foundation. We do offer an optional upgrade to a pressure treated wood window well with a step. All egress windows require at least 30” of clearance from the window out to the inside side of the window well, a step will add approx. 4 additional inches.

Once the window well is completed we add decorative ¾” rock in the bottom of the well. We then backfill and compact all voids around the outside of the well with the dirt previously removed. Finally, we rake out the surrounding dirt leaving a sloped or flat surface.

Call us for a quote. Optional upgrades are available for an additional cost. Once the work is completed, your home will look as if the window and well had always been there.


We warranty all of our work for two years. If you see something you think it might be a problem, Call us at 403-975-8585.

Below is a picture of a window that complies with city’s egress codes.